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FAQs about Unblock TV Box - UNBLOCK TECH will Answer all Your Doubts

Are you an official seller from UNBLOCK? How do I know which stores are legal dealers?

(1). Yes, UnblockTechTVBox is the official online e-commerce store of Unblock Tech. All Unblock TV boxes are authorized for sale by UNBLOCK Technology, with a strict quality appraisal. Products purchased from this site will provide professional and prompt customer service for you. It is our aim to let customers buy easily and use it happily!

(2) . As long as the dealers who are not on the official website's violation list can buy with confidence, click here to view the blacklist. The URL is: http://www.unblocktech.com/blacklist.html

(3). We recommend that you purchase with a store that has a power of attorney. Ask the dealer for the authorization number and then go to "Authorize Search" to check, the website is: http://www.unblocktech.com/accredit.htm

What is the difference between the different generations of Unblock TV boxes? What's the difference between the UBOX GEN box?

No matter what generation of UBox it is, every UBox can satisfy your desire to watch movies and free TV shows around the world. You can watch TV series in Europe, America, Korea, Japan, and Thailand through any UBox Gen.

All UBox 6th, 7th, 8th,9th,10th and 11th, do not require additional fees and monthly fees. You only need to pay once and enjoy it for life.

If you want to upgrade the experience of watching movies, you must buy the
Unblock Ubox 11!

New H616 processor, 6K picture quality, 64GB large storage, latest Android 10.0 system. Higher configuration, stronger performance, much more stable.

What channels do you have on your TV box?

Please contact us if you need more about Unblock TV Channel list.

After entering the application market, the screen keeps prompting that it is loading or is blank. How to solve it?

It should be a network problem, you can try to restart the network device. If the situation does not improve, it is recommended to try again later or
Try other Internet companies’ networks

How to connect the network cable?

If you use a network cable to connect, you need to determine what kind of connection mode your home network is. There are generally three modes: PPPOE, DHCP, and static IP. Among them, DHCP will automatically connect to the network when it is plugged in (the router is connected to the Amber device. There will be a problem of being unable to connect, this cannot be solved, it is recommended to modify the connection mode). PPPOE needs to enter the user account password to dial-up to connect to the network. Static IP needs to enter the relevant configuration to connect to the network. Consult the network operator for a specific suggestion.

What should I do if the time I watched back is wrong?

Please go to the date and time in the settings and adjust the time zone to the Hong Kong time zone

What should I do if there is a black screen on the boot?

Determine if there is a problem with the HDMI cable. If there is no problem with the HDMI cable, the device needs to be repaired, please contact the dealer for handling

How to switch to a mouse?

Switch between the arrow buttons at the bottom left of the remote control or directly insert the mouse.
I can watch a certain on-demand program, but I can't see it after I log out, what should I do?
Please click to clean up the garbage and clean up the cache in the lower-left corner, if not, please try to install the APP. If it still fails to play, please try to play again later

How to solve APPS 404/Network not connected?

The network is not connected to the device, please check whether the network connection is normal. If you use a wired network, you can replace the wireless network and try. (You can use the mobile phone hot spot to share the connection device to test whether the device's receiving network is normal) If it still does not work, please go to the official website to contact online customer service.
Another possibility is that there are too many viewers, the server response timed out, and the information cannot be obtained and a 404 error occurs. Please restart APPS to solve this problem.

How about an after-sales warranty?

We provide hardware one-year Unblock Tech official warranty. Software lifetime free upgrade.

The screen prompts "No response to ****", what should I do when I close the application or wait?

This situation should be due to insufficient flash memory. You can try not to open too many applications after restarting. You can also try to flash. You can contact online customer service to handle the flashing

What are the requirements for the network? What kinds of networks may be unstable?

The product is not very demanding on the network. However, some applications may have higher network requirements. For mainland China, it is recommended to use the China Unicom network or telecommunications network. It is not recommended to use Hutchison Network in Hong Kong. It is not recommended to use community networks in Taiwan.

What should I do if the application in the application market chooses to download and it says 0% will not move or 100% will not respond?

It should be a network problem, you can try to restart the network device. If the situation does not improve, it is recommended to try again later or try another network company's network.

How to use the remote control learning function?

The so-called learning function is to copy some of the buttons of the TV to the remote control of the AMB device. For this, please refer to the tenth part of the manual.

How to find your MAC number?

You can find the MAC number on the back of the TVBox. Or view the MAC number in the upper right corner of the TVBox interface after booting. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

When connecting to WiFi, it prompts that it has been stored or how to solve the authentication problem?

It is prompted that there is a problem with the password that has been stored. It is recommended to change the password or choose to display the password before entering it. The identity verification problem may be that the password is incorrect. If the password is correct, other mobile phones or digital products can connect to the WiFi signal and can surf the Internet normally. You can try to restart the network equipment and AMB equipment. Or the MAC of the Unblock product is outside the "prohibited mac" of your router, as long as the MAC of the Unblock product is added to your allowed MAC. Or try to modify the username and password of the router.

If MAC is not authorized, please contact customer service. What should I do?

Please provide the picture, the bottom photo of the fuselage, and the dealer information you purchased.

Blue screen/stuck at the startup screen?

Please provide me with a photo and email at the bottom of the machine, click here to submit your question:
I will send you flashing software to repair it (you need to bring your own computer, TF card, a card reader 33. How to reset (reset) the box?
TV assistant in the lower left corner (gear icon)> Settings> Backup and reset> Restore original factory settings> Restore box> Clear all data

Which power plug should I choose?

We offer US, UK, EU and AU plug types for your choice.
Please choose a power plug that complies with your local codes. According to the following reference:

➤. US Plug Type:
USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.

➤. UK Plug Type:
UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, India, Pakistan, Qatar, etc.

➤. EU Plug Type:
Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Russia, etc.

➤. AU Plug Type:
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea;