How to introduce the latest Ubox11 TV box in 2024!
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By UnblockTechTVBox | 14 June 2024 | 0 Comments

How to introduce the latest Ubox11 TV box in 2024!

Product introduction, this is a TV box that can watch TV from all over the world. This time, we received the latest Ubox11 TV box, which is the latest product from Unblock Tech company in 2024.

Specification overview
➤. 4G RAM + 64G ROM: high-speed storage, smooth operation, large storage, more freedom, large memory, install it as you want;
➤. H618 flagship processor: more powerful performance;
➤. 6K high-definition picture quality: high-definition picture quality, the picture is more delicate and vivid;
➤. AI intelligent voice system: intelligent AI remote control, intelligent AI, intelligent life. Added a variety of gameplay, more convenient, more intelligent, a remote control that can learn;
➤. WIFI6: Compatible with 2.4G/5G, low latency, high speed;
➤.Operating system: Android 12
➤.Remote control: with microphone function

The products we received this time include the main unit and other accessories. Remote control: uses 4 AAA batteries
Main body: There are adapter socket and USB port on the back, HDMI socket, AV jack and SD card slot
Accessories: AC adapter and HDMI cable both white
Although the material of this TV box is plastic, it has a good texture and responds quickly.

Operation experience
The operation is very simple. After I input the Wi-Fi password using the remote control, I connected to the Internet and entered the main screen. There are a variety of applications and channels to choose from on the home screen.

Channels and Apps
Channels: Channels from various countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Italy, France and Taiwan.
Apps: A variety of apps are preloaded, and you can download more apps yourself.
Video on demand: Provides various types of videos, including movies, TV series, animations, etc.
Viewing experience During the viewing process, the picture quality is very clear and the operation is very smooth. You can switch channels and video content at will, providing a very rich viewing choice.

This Ubox11 TV box is a high-performance, multi-functional product suitable for users who like to watch TV programs from all over the world. It is easy to operate, responsive and has excellent picture quality. It is a TV box worth recommending.
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